Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Votes, please!!

Some of you may have heard me mention my friend, Ali, PICU nurse-extraordinaire and her blog,


For the past 2 (?) years, she's been serving on the SS Africa Mercy, a hospital ship that visits a different county each year and provides full service medical care to people who ordinarily don't have access to it. Want to know the ratio of folks to doctors around the world? Go here. I'll wait. For the tl;dr crowd, I'll break it down. In the US, there is generally 1 doctor for every 390 people. Meaning you can't walk outside without tripping over a nephrologist (and don't even get me started on lawyers). But in parts of Africa, there is only 1 doctor for every 50,000 people.

Most of all, I love Ali's blog because it's just like her: caring, honest, smart and funny. So pretty please, with stevia on top, vote for her for Best Charity Blog.

Thank you, that is all.