Thursday, February 23, 2006

Did I miss it?

Jeez! Grand Rounds were Tuesday! I was out allnight on a case and then slept all day this must be Thursday, right? Anyway, here's the link: Grand Rounds 2:22
(and guess who made the top 10? Hmmmm? Need a hint?) Now, back to writing a longer post, as soon as I have some coffee.

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Shane said...


Not a surprise at all that one of your posts was selected for recognition. You do some great writing from a great point of view that very few people have. Because of that, we'd like to feature you over at Nursing, too. We have just rolled our new Nurse Voices section at It's not all we want it to be yet, but it's a start.

If you would like to be featured, please contact me at for more information.