Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grand Rounds 2:42

Welcome to Grand Rounds 2:42 and welcome to donorcycle. . I’d like to thank everyone for their donations, er, submissions. So come in, grab and drink and peruse this week’s finest writing from the medical blogosphere.

Straight From the Heart: here are my favorites

  1. Not only is this a well-researched and well-written piece, but you can get the t shirt! Seriously, the sweetest little baby I ever took care of had BA,
    and her life before and after transplant was like night and day. Thanks, Amanda, for this amazing post.
  2. Navel Gazing Midwife goes out on a limb and shares her experiences with bipolar disorder.
  3. Chronic Babe just has to vent…To sleep perchance to dream? Well, how ‘bout to teach, to shush or to punch?
  4. A post from A Hearty Life about China's first heart transplant.
  5. Aaah, look at all the lonely people. From Anxiety, Adiction and Depression Treatments.
  6. And you thought HIPAA was scary? Here's a look at who's invading your privacy now. From Medical Connectivity.
  7. Who doesn't love July 1st? I remember one July, they called a Code Red(fire), and all the new interns just heard "Code" and went running upstairs. Instead of laughing and pointing, like we did, About a Nurse exhorts us to act kindly towards these new docs.
  8. Hey Fellas! Did you know childbirth is like baseball? Well, now you do. Thanks Milliner's Dream.
  9. What do you do with a non-compliant patient? Go to their wedding, of course, like Doctor Anonymous.

The Brains of the Bunch

Do you know how many times I've heard, "my daughter's sister's cousin was brain dead, but she got better?" Jake, at Pure Pedantry, tells us the difference between a persistant vegetative state and a minimally conscious state. With charts and diagrams and not-so-large words.

Star-crossed lovers? Diabetes Mine has a different look at two up-and-coming diabetes drugs.

Health Business Blog and adaptive trials-coming to pharmaceutical company near you.

A cure for malaria? I'm interested.

A Nice Set of Lungs

Asthma vs. The Beaver. No really.

Breath Spa for Kids on pediatric ED visits. With a shout-out to the irrepressable Flea, who has something to say about time spent on the phone.

Sometimes we need a little medical management:

From The Doctor Is In, part of an ongoing series on medical reimbursement.

Make your own medical journal. From Clinical Cases and Images.

The Pharm Voice says we might one day be able to safe to visit Minnesota. Aetiology says it's okay, just don't drink the water.

Straight From the Doc offers an alternative to Cancer Commentary talks about Disease Proof thinks that just because you can sink a free throw, doesn't mean you know how to eat right.

Mental rumination can be a good thing. At Health Psych.

And while we're at it, The Happystance Project says that loneliness can be bad for your health.

The Bile Duct

What to do when the object of your lawsuit won't sit still. From Healthy Concerns wants you to Stop Blaming the Victim already. Nuff said.

Practice makes perfect. Unless you're My Life, My Pace, in which case practice makes for a whole lotta hurtin’.

Kim's in Ireland, but her heart's at Grand Rounds. And why is she talking about burnout when she's drinking Guinness?

Anikka's mom, from The Wait and The Wonder, on GI bleeds and mother guilt.

Urostream, with a Uro-rant.

I'm not sure about the analogies, but decide for yourself. Hippocratic Oaf and the coming "war".

No Bones About It

Dr. Jest and what keeps a widower happy.

Neonatal Doc, the HPV vaccine and the controversy it's creating.

Nick Jacobs, from Hospital Impact, on why it's better to be lucky than good.

Sorry surgeons, (but in my job, the OR's last and usually at 3am, but I digress.

Dr. Bard Parker with some required reading for young surgeons.

Barbados Butterfly, on what makes a good dog.


And this youngster should have read Dr. Parker...


Curse you blogger, for acting up again!

keep on blogging.

Well, I'm never doing that again. All right, maybe next year. The baby's up and I'm pooped.

Organ Donation Saves Lives!


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a baby, a blog, a job, a carnival with oodles of links. (wipes brow)

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FYI, the next Grand Rounds is at Chronic.Babe.com -

Grand Rounds submission post

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