Friday, May 19, 2006

Check her out!

Just got this site from Our Friend Kim at Emergiblog. In the Unit. Besides the fact that she can write, the page is awesome! Who do I have to sleep with to get a website that cool? And yes, the pull down menu is totally cool. (Do I sound like a teenager, because, um, like, I think I do).

I did another 24 this week. This time with an orientee-Gosh, I can't believe they trust me to teach the new people(smirk). It was a great case for her, we did from soup to nuts(translation-ER to OR). And the unit we were on was very helpful. The staff did a great job of not just maintaining the patient, but also being supportive of this family. After consent they did everything we asked them-Aline, central line, meds, blood. It all went very smoothly.
The problem with being a TC is that it gets lonely. You're out there all by your own self and the staff not only doesn't know you, but they're busy and stuff. So you don' t really get that comraderie going. So, having another person around was great. Except that I felt like a new mom who hasn't been out of the house in a few weeks-I couldn't stop talking! "Ohyournewandwheredidyouworkbefore-andhowdoyoulikeithereandthisishowyoumanageadonor" Agh! Somebody stop me!
By the time we got to the OR in the wee hours of the morning, she had that deer in the headlights look. But she told me the next day that she thought it was a good first experience for her. She asked me how you get used to being up for 24+ hours in a row. I'm not really sure, but somehow I did. It's a long drive home in the morning though. Sometimes I pour cold water on my neck to stay awake. I'm pro donation, but not so much I want to actually want to cause my own head trauma.

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