Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here's a thought

I got a lot of comments recently about the lack of support at a small, community hospital. And an offer for an 8 year old to come speak to them(thanks, Katie's Aunt), which would probably help more than anyone. It got me thinking. If this hospital had ONE organ donor a year, they could save up to 7 lives with that donor. Over a decade, that would be 70 people receiving organs and off the waiting list from just one hospital.

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sheryl, justice's mom said...

After Katie has a talk with them, my four year old, can tell them all about his "scar belly." He transplanted at six months. He can tell them how he loves pre-school, playing at the park, and being a big brother. All activities brought to us by LIFE, a particular state of being made possible by his liver transplant. It's particularly bittersweet when he talks about how he doesn't want to go to heaven until we do...he knows too much about sickness and death for his age.

Keep up the FABULOUS work....after your vacation!