Wednesday, October 25, 2006

About Face

As some of you may know, France did the first successful partial face transplant last year. Now, an English surgeon has received the go-ahead from the NHS. The ever thorough BBC has everything you need to know and more about face transplants here, including a link that shows what the journalist would look like with the surgeon's face, if you're really interested.

I was thinking that donating my face would be very, well, icky. Believe me, I'd donate any part of me after death(except my eggs, but that's another matter). But when I read the article and thought about having to go through life with terrible facial burns, or no nose or lips, I changed my mind. Let me know what you think.

Grand Rounds 3.5 is up at Health Care Law Blog. And if you have to catch up on your reading, like I do, Grand Rounds 3.4, check out Emergiblog. Happy Reading!


Mother Jones RN said...

I'm no beauty queen, but if someone wants my face when I'm done with it, they can have it, wrinkles and all.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would absolutely donate my face. I think severe facial disfigurement is probably one of the hardest disabilities to live with.