Thursday, December 28, 2006

Please don't feed the residents

Back at work with a bang. I knew that I would be called out first, because the last call period for my team I took some ETO time. That means I'm "fresh". I don't feel fresh...Laughing Baby, aka Skootch, has been sick since Christmas night. Even with LM staying up with her during the wee hours, I still feel like I haven't slept in a week. Last night was really bad, the poor wee one had a bad case of the snots and couldn't nurse and breathe at the same time, leading to much unhappiness. The 5am wake up call was very early. I knew I'd be out all day, so I did something I don't do much-I had a cup of coffee. A whole cup where normally I drink decaf. I'm still jittery. And yet, desperate for another cup.

I have a donor, middle aged woman who had a heart attack from a probably accidental overdose(I know, no such thing, you cynics). Her mom is so sweet, she's staying until we go to the OR, which is set at 0300. Please don't even get me started on the surgeon who really could have been here at midnight. The OR was hit with a bunch of level I cases and couldn't take us at midnight anyway, but I'm still sore about it. Do you have any idea how punchy I am at 3am? Even with a good night's sleep? I'm trying to think about my happy place and hope I don't get into a screaming match with him. Please pray for me.

On a happier note, I did inherit a very unstable pt this morning when I arrived. In 12 short( or long) hours, I have gotten her sodium down from 178 to 148, her chloride from 139 to 119, her pH from 7.19 to 7.38 and she is almost off the 800 pressors she was on this morning. Well, with help from the great nurses and my medical director. But, still. Happy, stable donor(knock wood), just like I like 'em.

Anyhoo, the punchiness is beginning, because I'm starting to fuck with the residents. No, seriously, I was waiting for the down elevator and this tall, handsome resident hits the up button. He smiles at me and nods and I think, "Holy, shit! I think he's checking me out" He says, "Hi, you medicine?" I look at him cooly and say, "No, transplant." I get on my elevator and leave him standing there. Ha. It's the second time today I've been mistaken for a doc, but I think that only means I look nerdy.


PJ said...

The surgeon could go at midnight, but now he gets an extra three hours' sleep. That doesn't make me as crazy as it used to, but it still bugs me that his time is more important than mine.

Of course, after the donor OR I'm not going to do surgery on a living patient, and I guess if I were his next patient I'd like him well-rested.

But at 0245 when I'm using IV catheters to prop open my eyelids, the argument rings a little hollow.

Hope your OR was peaceful and quick, and that you didn't take a UW bath.

Sabrina said...

At least you had an outlet and held your tongue... I am fully sure that my boss will be hearing about my head spinning around down in OR today when I was told by the charge RN that he had no OR nurse, No anesthesia and NO room for me 30, yes 30 full minutes AFTER we were scheduled to go. 12 angry docs / 4 teams breathing down my neck by then and he has the balls to say to me: "You know, I wish you people had been more organinzed in planning this OR" after he had been updated 2 x that morning prior and during the night. I spurprised he didn't fall back in his chair as I attempted to come across the desk at him, but sadly my hometown surgeon held me back... argh.. :)

TC said...

I feel for you, Sabrina girl. I've been there. I just hate ignorant people and I am not very diplomatic at 3am.

azrn said...

Our hepatologists like to use the term theraputic misadventure instead of accidental overdose. I'm guessing this looks better when trying to list these patients for liver transplant. Anyway, thank goodness for the coordinators, new organs literally change lives for the recipients who receive them. Keep up the good work!

C-Dawgs Angels said...

Thanks AZRN, thats a nice thing to hear. And TC, sorry the blog is gone, we had to make it invite only after someone locally complained... Wish there was a way to invite you to read again. :)