Thursday, November 08, 2007

And the word of the day is:

hu·bris /ˈhyubrɪs, ˈhu-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[hyoo-bris, hoo-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

You may recall a few posts ago where I said I was reasonable sure that the baby didn't have pneumonia. Silly mommy. Last Friday, after spiking a temp of 103.6, her parents(both nurses, thank you very much), decided that maybe medical intervention was called for. Of course, my FP was not on call, so I called the guy covering for him. After telling him the medical history in a nutshell-basically, 5 weeks of being sick, one ear infection, countless sniffles, bronchitis, a lacey rash and now more fevers-he tells us to get our butts to the ER as a CXR is probably in order.

So there you have it, bad parenting example #567. At least it's not as bad as the time MY mom thought I was faking sick to get away from the dinner table and then realized during my bath that I had chicken pox. And she's a nurse, too. So, anyway, Daddy nursed(not literally) the baby over the weekend while I took care of other people's sick kids. Sunday, she was a little better, but then Monday she spiked a temp again and looked really listless, so we were back to the doctor's. She was mildly dehydrated, and the augmentin wasn't working, so he changed her over to zithromax and said to give her more fluids. Hurray for the power of breast milk, since it's the only thing she wanted, except for sips of water. Tuesday, she felt well enough to be cranky and we managed to feed her some bread soaked up with potato-leek soup. Today she was definitely on the mend, enough so that I will only feel a little guilty about leaving her cranky-clingyness to go to PALS manana.
Other than that, we've been forced to watch Signing Times DVDs for hours on end. Pooter calls it "babies". I will say this, it's better than Thomas the Train, "choo choo", which is like kiddie valium. We also watch the "woo-woof", which is a Little Einstein DVD that features, you guessed it, dogs. Thank God the signing ones are good, although I now know every song by heart, including The Silly Pizza Song which I can sing AND do in sign.
All that signing, though, and the Pooter still says something that sounds like "budday" when she wants water. She can sign dog and cat and eat and sun and cookie and a myriad other things, but for life nourishing fluids, she cries and says, "mauw budday?" We're starting to get the hang of it, but it's hard to remember on little sleep.

Speaking of PALS, Good Lord, I haven't been to PALS in almost 3 years. Now, there's homework I have to do beforehand. And they changed all that CPR stuff, too. 30 compressions in 23 minutes, etc. What do I know, everybody I code is intubated and we just pump and bag, pump and bag. Uh-oh, hubris again. Now I've gone and jinxed myself-I'll probably witness somebody collapse on my way to class tomorrow.

Work is, well, scarier in some respects, because being away from the bedside for 3 years has dulled my nursing 6th sense. But I did have a good laugh because they floated a NICU nurse down to us last week and gave her a 17 year old boy. Who needed to be straight cathed every 6 hours. Poor girl wasn't used to wee-wees that big. I helped her through it and hopefully she'll say nice things about me to the NICU nurses so they'll return the favor when I'm floated upstairs to take of some little mouse that doesn't even weigh a pound.

I have managed to make nice with one of the pediatric nephrologists after telling her I used to be a TC. Now she's nice to me, but apparently a little cold to some of my coworkers. My specialty, winning over the difficult people. Just one of my many super powers-sorry, they can only be used for good and not evil. Oh, wait, I think that's hubris again. Sigh.

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Lisa said...

Dead on assessment of the NICU nurse and winning her over! I was a NICU nurse before switching to PICU and the first time I had to give 4 mL of pavulon to a patient, when I was used to 0.4 mL I had about 5 people check it with me and almost couldn't give it!

I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks!