Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on the Update :)

Creepy statue outside of work. The child in the middle is the real one.

So, funny story, I started to post an update, got called away by mommy duties and instead of hitting "save" I hit "post." Cause I thought, no one is going to read this right now...I'll have time to come back and edit it.

Little did I know. Apparently I still have 3 groupies left. Thanks, guys.

Anyhoo, I've been enjoying summer and having 4 days off every week. More than making up for it with (usually) grueling 12 hour shifts. Last week I stayed 4 hours over to make a little, extra $$. Meaning I worked from 7am to 11:30pm. The next day I was good. for. nothing. Some may say that's my usual state, but seriously, I was tired.

I have managed to see several of my former patients in the ER, never a good sign. But all of them turned out ok apparently. I still call 8 Tower whenever they page a code blue overhead to find out who's coding....although that has only happened twice and my ER coworkers think I'm bonkers. But you know, you get caught up with these people. Transplant has been busy too, so I'm rather glad I'm doing my 3 12's and going home. The job is nice in the sense that 1. I go into every shift with no "to do" list. Whatever comes in, comes in. That may be anxiety-provoking for those folks who like to know what they're getting into. However, coming from 3 years of feeling like I was never caught up, walking in the door each day with a list of things to do as long as my's a nice change. And 2. I get to leave. On time. If I don't leave on time, I get paid more. And when I hand off my patients, I am done. So although it's 12 hours of non-stop chaos, it also feels like a big break.

School starts in a few weeks. I am easing into it with 1 class: Health Assessment across the Lifespan. Can't wait. I get to be a Rutgers student again! Unfortunately, they do NOT give a family discount. Ah well. Hopefully, in 3-5 years I'll be a nurse practitioner. We'll see. One class at a time and the next class may well be statistics, so we'll see if I survive.

Ciao, y'all. I will have more time to blog, but not sure what to blog about. I'd like to blog about something that will be fun, informative and pay my way through college, so if you have any ideas, let me know.


Sex Mahoney said...

No family discount? That just seems wrong. said...

Pretty helpful data, thank you for the article.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I just made the switch from donor land to pre-transplant coordinator. I can really identify.
E in Michigan