Sunday, March 05, 2006

At the Oscars

Tonight at the Academy Awards, Robert Altman, director of such films as M*A*S*H, The Player and Gosford Park, was awarded an Oscar for lifetime achievement. The last thing he said in his acceptance speech was that several years ago he received a heart transplant. He said that he thought his heart came from a young woman in her 30's, so perhaps they gave him the lifetime achievement award too early, as he expects to have another 40 years or so with his new heart. Well, Mr. Altman, you also get the green ribbon award:
for bringing organ donation to the attention of a world-wide audience of bazillions. Thank you.
Also, tomorrow night, Monday, March 6th, ABC will air its premier of Miracle Workers, a medical reality series. As per the ABC website, the first episode will feature two medical treatments utilizing donated human tissue – spinal fusion using donated bone and eyesight restoration using donated eye tissue. For more info, go to:
See you at Grand Rounds!

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