Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good Lord, It's Grand Rounds

NHS Doc does a spot on job of hosting Grand Rounds this week and what's probably the best explaination of cricket I've come across so far (eat your heart out, Bill Bryson).

In other news, GeekNurse is no more. Hell, we hardly knew ye....the paediatric RN from New Zealand did an awesome job of teaching hard-core critical care nursing with love and compassion. You'll be missed. (and that's why I blog from a small, unchartered fishing boat off the coast of Ghana.)

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Bardiac said...

Hi TC,

I'm looking for suggestions for readings for an undergraduate class re ethics and organ/tissue donation, and I wonder if you could suggest some, perhaps? (I've got a few suggestions, but you seem likely to have others.)

Thanks in advance.

My email is Bardiacblogger at yahoo dot com.