Thursday, August 09, 2007


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I have been so behind on everything this week-my articles, my posting, checking my emails. I'm in orientation again, so I'm at the hospital 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks. Which may be fine for mere mortals, but there's a reason I went into nursing and it wasn't for the sexy scrubs. I like working like a dog for many hours and then enjoying several days off during the week. I like having the early morning hours before the family wakes up to get things done. Well, maybe next week.

Also, I'm the newbie again. Not really, I mean I know more people at the hospital I work at than probably the CEO does. I went to get my employee physical a few weeks ago and I was informed by the NP that it was the 4th time I've had a new employee physical there. I like it there, but not enough to stay and collect some seniority, apparently, which is another reason I became a nurse-you can easily move between jobs. My experience is enriched for it, my retirement plan-not so much.

It's a little hard for me, not being the expert transplant coordinator, walking onto the unit with my white lab coat and my donor bag. Now I'm just another staff nurse grunt. I suppose I'll manage as long as I can keep out of the way of my own ego. I will say it is a fine walk to work, about 1.5 miles one way but I've been getting rides home with hubbie. Today I walked home, up a major hill. Next week I should be done working on my bike and I can ride in. My bicycle-don't get excited PJ, I have to pedal. I've been sanding the rust off the chrome and next I have to put naval jelly on the chain. It's a really cool, blue 1960's Schwinn I picked up at a garage sale last month. I can't wait to ride it. It's no 1964 Impala, but it'll do. Either way my legs are getting a workout.

So next week, more writing. Now, I'm going to put my feet up.


Peter said...

Just wondering! In Sydney Australia, people can have their drivers licences endorsed that they are donars, if anything were to happen them. Do you have anything like that over where your are?

TC said...

Yes, we have that here. In many states, checking off "organ donor" on your license is considered a valid consent and you family does not need to give further consent if you die. Australia and the UK both have lower rates of organ donation-any thoughts on why that is?

Peter said...

Did some research and found this, "Transplant Australia's Mark Cocks says most Australians wouldn't know that NSW is the only state that still provides an organ donation option on its driver license renewal forms."

Australia's population is about 21 million. New South Wales population is 6.5 million. We obviously need all states to comply plus better & ungoing education to get people to come on board. I can not remember seeing any recent media promo's to increase donar registration. Hope this helps!

Kim said...

You are so right about the job shifting. I have many, many rich experiences by moving but a rather meager retirement.

That's okay. I won't retire.

Retire, then die. Nah, I prefer to work my way out....