Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still time to give me your money!!

Hey, y'all. As I mentioned in the last post, I am climbing the Hancock building (the stairs, not the outside) this Sunday with my friend Steve from Revive Hope. If you 'd like to contribute, click on the link at the right that says "Kari's Klimbers". Thanks and wish me luck! This year I'm skinnier and more in shape, so I should do it with only minor wheezing and moaning. Here's the post and pics from last year's climb, including a pic of me and my brother from anotha motha.

Also, I'm thinking of revamping the site and I'd like to hear your opinions of some of the other free or for-fee hosting sites. I'm leaning toward Wordpress. Anyone?


BreathinSteven said...

Brotha from anotha motha here...

Sis, please -- step into the 80s... On these pages on the internets, you don't have to give directions like, "Take a left at the old Amoco station, It'll be the third bungalow on your right - the one with the statue of the Virgin Mary in the birdbath..."

Instead, you can actually say "Right here is my personal Hustle page!!!"

Hey... I think you know this... I've known you through our blogs and via email for a while... I've hugged you once. I like being your brotha from another motha and I feel the same... Would it be a sista from anotha mista? I don't do New Jersey... But I'm willing to learn... I'm tickled and so very honored that you're coming out to climb with me again... In our whole lives we only meet a handful of very special people -- you're one of mine.

As for the wordpress move -- it seems to have some neat features... Scott over at I am. Are you? switched to it -- he might be able to give you some lowdown on it. I can tell you that that little feature where you drag over a link and it pops open a "snap shot" of the website drives me ape-shit... Maybe you can turn it off... In a way, it's kinda cool. But really not.

Glad you're in shape for the climb!!! I'm going slow... I think I'm in OK shape -- but there's a chick who is about 1.5 years out of a double lung transplant, who just got out of the hospital for pneumonia 6-8 weeks ago (she got clearance) and I promised her I'd climb the whole thing with her... There are three of us double-lung recipients!!! And you'll have to meet Melissa -- she blogs with us at Revive Hope -- she had a heart transplant about two years ago... And I've got someone with borrowed corneas too...



p.s. the "word verification" that I now have to type in is "boatchit"... Hmmmmm... Kinda how Laura refers to me, except she uses "bat"... xoxox

Karen said...

good luck this weekend on your climb... I would love to donate, but this is the wrong time of year.... no dinero :(

Melsimon said...

Hey TC - I so much enjoyed meeting you and spending lunch together. It was a great moment when I put two and two together - the #1 being that you were the one who wrote such beautiful things about Kari and the #2 being that you wrote such funny things about Steve being your "brotha" and similar to the major of Chicago. I'm amazed at your life and all you do to get organs and now to keep them healthy in the recipients you see in clinic. Please keep in touch and kiss those girls with love from Chicago for me.