Sunday, February 24, 2008


That's how many steps it is to the top of the Hancock Building. At least according to my stairmates. 94 stories. As promised, there were firemen, but I managed to make it to the top under my own steam.

The firemen, some of them, anyway, wore full gear for the climb. And if that's not challenging enough, I'm told that they will take turns carrying each other up the stairs. Show offs.

No, really, I love fire fighters. That's what it takes to make them strong enough to carry my ass out of a burning building. There were a gazillion people there and it seems like most of them climbed for Team Kari. 85 folks were on the team. Everyone knew Steve. If you came in late and want to know why we're doing this, check out Revive Hope which has a link to Kari's story on the Mid-Iowa news website.

I also got to meet a lot of great folks. Laura, for one, Steve's lovely wife, and their neighbors, Joan and MJ. Steve's sisters Karen and Nancy and his mom, Debbie. My peeps, Jenn from Loyola and Eve from Iowa Donor Network. And, let's see, Dave and his wife and kids AND, last but not least, the girls from Iowa, Kari's friends and teammates from her volleyball team who are still laughing and telling tales about Kari like she still lives down the street. It's a sure bet that when Kari told her family she wanted to be an organ donor, she had no idea of how many people would come to know her name and her story. Like ripples in a stream, her story has spread to so many people and has helped, not just the people who received her organs, but untold numbers who continue to be inspired by it. That is a legacy to be proud of.

And now some pictures:

You're going where? For how long?

WTF, Momma, WTF?

Some of the girls from Iowa

Steve, workin' the media

We did it!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Glad you had fun. The picture of my daughter on your website needs either- A) a funnier caption, (something like "You're leaving? This is beyond the pale." or simply fix the washed out face.

Seeya tomorrow,


Lisa said...

I'm glad you accomplished your feat and met some great people along the way!

TC said...

Oy, with the photo criticism already. Next time I'll put a little foundation on her.

But you have to agree that even pale, she sure is a cutie.

rlbates said...

Good for you!!!

BreathinSteven said...

Hey TC!!!

Do you even KNOW how special it was to have you with me – I think you do – I tried to tell you…

My Iowa girls were crazy – I think they pretty much defined joy at the climb. They don’t see one another all that much, so it was somewhat of a reunion for them – but it was more than a reunion of some of their team – they grew up together, and grew up with Kari – it was so special to have them here with me. And I heard bunches of little stories that let me know how special, and fun, and funny Kari was – and they brought her even closer to my heart. And brought them closer as well…

And then there's you too – you KNOW how much my Iowans mean to me... What you might not know is that you're in that group too... I don't know that you'll ever know how special it was to me that you came all the way out here to climb with me and my team... (Screw my team – that you can all the way out here to climb with me.) As you might imagine, I've been the beneficiary of a lot of beautiful, meaningful gestures in my life... Yours is WAY up there... I hope you know how much pride I feel when I tell people, "And a beautiful chick from New Jersey flew all the way out just to climb with me..."

I’ll be a little whupped the next couple of weeks – not physically. I could do it again. Now. Twice. Any and every day. I’ll be a little whupped emotionally because of the people who rally around me and do this with me. After I dropped the last of my Iowans at the airport I started crying… I never met her and I miss her so – and I think about her every single day – and to be with the precious friends who surrounded her is more wonderful than many can imagine…

And you touched my heart too. It was wonderful to finally give you a hug. Beyond signing up and coming all the way out here from the East coast – your journey was interrupted, inconvenienced, and generally screwed up – yet at 11pm the night before the climb you were standing in the airport for me… Thank Love Monkey for re-booking your arrangements and give him and your big one and little one a hug for me too… I’ll never, ever forget what you did for me - and I'll never forget you.



-Scott (Campaign Manager) said...

Congrats to everyone! That's so great to hear it went well.


Ali said...

so... nothing to do with stair-climbing, but everything to do with PICU ... we have a little guy today who arrested in the OR, ended up trached, and is on the trusty servo-900 at the moment! i'm pulling a night shift on the next ward (9 patients all to myself!) and acting as backup in case the other PICU nurse yells. i love this life. =)

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Posh Totty said...

Congratulations :o) xx