Monday, February 04, 2008

I'll be Climbin' for Kari!

Somehow, someway, some time ago, I decided that I was going to Chicago this February to

  1. Meet my friend Steve

  2. Climb the Hancock Tower

Did I mention I'm going there in February. Because I've been to Chicago when it's been sunny and warm, but February? Who goes there deep inna heart of Winter. Me, of course.

Also, so as not to confuse y'all, like I confused my mom, I'll be climbing the stairs(as opposed to climbing the outside with ropes and carrabiners and such, which is waaay beyond my super powers). All 96ish stories of stairs. How bad can that be. After all, Katie Holmes ran the damn NY Marathon and was later seen sporting heels. I'm a hell of a lot tougher than Katie Holmes, I'll tell you right now. I could totally take her in a fight.

Anyhoo, I'll be in the, umm, what do they call Chicago, anyway? The Big Breezy? The Big Cheesey? Well, I'll be there February 23-25, for climbin' and all kinds of socialness, that I have to go half-way across the country to get, because my friends in NJ(The Big Stinky) can't even CALL ME! (and you know who you are, too).

But enough about me. Why am I doing it? Because of Steve, of course, the one man hurricane who started Kari's Climbers in honor of his lung donor Kari. Steve has a beautiful page all about how he came to know and meet Kari's family and friends, many of whom climb with him every year. Read all about it here and bring the tissues. Steve also writes for Revive Hope, an awesome blog with inspirational stories about how organ donation touches people's lives. If you haven't already, check it out, if only for the adorable picture of wittle Stevie.

Did I mention that this is a fundraiser? Give, give, give people. Give til it hurts. See how many seconds you can hold your breath and than give that many dollars! Than thank the deity of your choice that you have healthy, pink, shiny lungs that breath on their own without any help from oxygen and machines and such. For your added convenience, GIVE HERE. Look at my lonely, little thermometer: it's at zero. Please help it out, won't you?

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the climb, I'll be putting a StairMaster in a walk-in freezer for training purposes.

If you're in the Chi-town area and want to see TC in the huffing, wheezing flesh, email me. If you're strong enough, maybe you can carry me to the airport Monday when my legs no longer work.


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Beautiful Lady...

Have I ever told you that you TOTALLY ROCK!!!

You made me smile this morning -- and yes, you even made me cry a little... (I do that now, I have girlz lungs...)

Do you have any idea how honored I am to have you come out to climb with me?!?! I think maybe you do -- I think I've tried to let you know that...

I do this to honor Kari. And her Mom and her Dad and her Sister -- and all of the friends who surrounded her and loved her... But I also do this to honor the people who carried me to her door -- and the people who carried her gift to me.

And to have someone like you -- who has carried those gifts in the past -- travel a bajillion miles to a slushy/sloppy/cold place to hang with someone who has received one of those gifts... Well -- I don't know how to end this thought without getting all emotional so you know where I was going...

I will cherish giving you a hug...


wittle Stevie...

PJ Geraghty said...

TC: tomorrow when I have the credit card handy I'll throw some more simoleons your way. Only one thing: you have to promise to drink an Old Style while you're in my hometown. Delicious.

The good news is that the inside of the Hancock should be nice and warm. Don't run outside in Chicago until, like, June.

Good luck to you and all of Kari's Climbers.

TC said...

I will certainly raise an Old Style in your name while I'm there. Thanks PJ.

Lisa said...

I was touched by Steven's story when I first read it ages ago on your blog. Good luck with the climb! Wish I could be there to join you. I'm training to run in the Lifeline of Ohio donation run sometime in the spring. I can't think of the actual name of it but I have been touched be some pretty special recipients and want to honor them!

Actually if you wouldn't mind, say a little prayer for Baby J who got a new heart today!

rlbates said...

TC, I see you've made your goal. That's wonderfull! Hope you go past it. Have a great trip!

Mother Jones RN said...

Have fun and don't forget to pack your long johns.