Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've been tagged!

Yeah! I've been tagged by MICU RN and I am a little excited about it...and by a little I mean I threw both hands over my head and pumped the air for a while and then did a little dance. In my office, where other people work. You see, inside the big, professional, grown up TC lies the little, nerdy, sat-alone-at-lunch TC (awwww, poor little TC). It's true, I have an inner dork. So the thought that I have friends (albeit, invisible internet friends) makes me happy. And for those of you who'd say, "Mom, your inner dork is really your outer dork." I say, "Go to your room!"

Anyhoo, here's the 4 things I can't live without/wish I had(on the job version)

1. My laptop. I have an unnatural love for my laptop and I'm not afraid to say it. It's an IBM thinkpad, no, I don't know what version-I'm not that much of a dork-but it is old and it can take a beating. See "I am IS's worst nightmare". (It's near the bottom.) I will never have a desktop computer again. And I have to beat the family off it with a stick. Mmmmm, love, love, love it.

2. a really good ICU nurse-you know the kind-anticipates everything, likes her job, is up to date on all things critical care, has a heart of gold, knows everything about the family dynamics, knows how to get the doctor to do things/order things that we need and isn't afraid to beg, threaten, plead and cajole. Their are certain units I go to where I'm practically extraneous because they do such a good job of managing the donor and the family. And extra large, Starbucks coffee to all such nurses.

3. My "Go" Bag. I was given it by another coordinator who was leaving and didn't need it anymore. It's one of those large, boxy, black bags on wheels with the telescoping handle-like the ones the drug reps use. It has, seriously, 7 million pockets, some of which are hidden. Like a spy bag. I can hear Q say, "And if you open this, Bond, a cloud of black smoke will come out and allow you to make your escape." Oh, I wish. That would be so handy for meetings.

4. My Peeps. I have the best team...5 other women and myself who slog through every call period together. It's so nice to have someone to call at 3am with a question about management or just to vent. And of course to call on the ride home so you don't fall asleep. These chicks got my back. And the recovery specialists. And the inhouse coordinators. I really do work with a great group of people and if you have your own great group of people, you know how it makes your job worth going to . And my medical director. A surgeon you can call day or night and he isn't pissy about it(just very groggy...."who's the patient again?"Down to earth, likes to teach and takes time to explain things and HE'S A DEMOCRAT!

Joke: Why are surgeons and sperm alike?
A: Because every 1 in a billion becomes a human being!

They love that one in the OR! Anyway, he's one in a billion

Extra bonus answer:My husband-I could not do this job without him. Period. I have the best husband on the planet.

Now, who do I tag?

I think....Mama Mia and Jen, because I'd like to see the responses from a seasoned nurse and a brandy new one. Tag-you're it!

Oh! and the thing I covet:that every family that has the opportunity to donate says yes! Less than 1% of all deaths are brain dead and medically suitable to donate, so we have to make each opportunity count. If you needed an organ you'd believe in organ donation, wouldn't you?

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