Thursday, February 22, 2007

Remind me why I work here?

I keep telling myself that it would be so much nicer to do three 12 hour shifts and call it a week. Back in PICU, where patients are small and the body fluids are cuter. None of this call crap, driving all over the state in my ancient car which needs a ton of repairs(and new tires). Most of all, I hate the bullshit that accompanies my job. I haven't ever really worked a corporate job before. In the hospital, if you pull your weight, your peers respect you. People care that you can handle an emergency and that you show up when you say you will. If someone doesn't like you, you pretty much know it.

I have never worked with the amount of complaining and backstabbing as I do with this job. It makes me nuts. You would think that working with death and dying would give people some perspective, but alas, it is not the case. I'm starting to think that someone who I don't get along with is starting to sabotage my reputation-but that'd be CRAZY TALK, right? I mean, we're all adults, right? I'm not usually paranoid, but this week I was totally ready to walk.

Anyway, I went in today and talked with my peeps. That's right, I got peeps. They gave me some perspective and cheered me up. I love my team. I really do love my job. We also got to dissect some discarded organs today too, for an anatomy lesson and that made me happy. Tonight I'm going to get some rest and gear up for my last weekend on call for this cycle.

Oh, and check out Change of Shift over at Protect the Airway. There's some good reads.


AzRN said...

hey tc,
some of that has been happening where i work, too. i think it depends on who ya work with not where as i'm in a hospital setting. i would encourage you to take back some of your power and approach the person or persons you think are doing the talking. it puts them on notice and you may be able to clear up some things.
hang tough!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your web site today and found it very informative. I am an emergency room nurse who has also had some experience in the OR over the past several years. I recently applied for a position as a transplant coordinator, and have some questions...mainly about the lifestyle you live and if you are able to have a social life whatsoever!? I have not been offered the position yet, but would like some more insight before I get all excited about a job that I know very little about. I love critical care, OR...death and dying and dealing with families does not intimidate me. I am definite type A personality and love to have a lot of stuff going on at once...I thrive on it. If you could just fill me in a bit on the ins and outs of it, I would appreciate it.

Mother Jones RN said...

Hi TC:

There's an old saying on psych units: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get you. Just food for thought, not that I'm paranoid or anything:-)


TC said...

anon, you sound like you have all the makings of a TC...the call is the big thing. If you have a family, it can be really hard for them to understand why you're out so long, especially when it's busy. I have a toddler, so I don't really have a social life, but the young, single people I work with a partyers. If you've worked in the ER you probably know the concept of work hard, play hard. Good Luck

and Mother Jones, thanks for the advice. I'll let you know when I'm ready to check myself in.

Anonymous said...

TC...thanks for the advice. I think I can do it...and want to do it! My children are in their early teens, so they are understanding about my career and are very independent. My husband is very supportive of my decision to want to do this. I have not been offered the job as of yet, but am trying to weigh out the pros and cons to make sure this is something I want to do. If I do get it, you can bet I'll be bloggin' on your site; it's great and I love your sense of humor! Keep up the good work!

a west coast TC said...

I hear you CRYSTAL clear sister. I know exactly what you are feeling as I cant begin to count the amount of times I have wanted to walk away from my OPO and just do the 3 PICU 12s...But its a passion that keeps me doing this, and somehow the passion and the results that happen because of the hard work that keep me where I am. Sometimes I think of doing something else, but I couldn't dream of doing anything different. Hang in there, it always blows over and the busier it is, the worse the BS.

MICU RN said...

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