Thursday, May 24, 2007

Calling all healthcare bloggers!

Labornurse wants to create a discussion about the issues of healthcare blogging. Any of you who have a submission, comment or thoughts on the pros and cons of being a healthcare blogger should email her at:

Should be an interesting discussion, I'm sure


Anonymous said...

More on why people don't and should not donate...

"World's first lung transplant on HIV patient performed"

Let's just make monsters while we're at it!

TC said...

You know, at first I was just going to delete this comment. I can't even believe it was left by a human being, I thought it was one of those computer generated spams at first. I seriously hope you never come down with a chronic, life threatening illness. Stay the hell away from my website.

Oh, and why is it always the chicken shit commenters that post under "anonymous". Way to go.

Just me said...

Yes, obviously that person does not know anyone whose life, or whose child's life, depended on an organ transplant to give them a second chance at living. And, while they took the time to post, apparently they decided not to read any of the "why we do it" links...well said!

Jenny Cracker said...

Woo Hoo Tough Nuts. Nice job. You're a cowered and nothing more. You would shit your pants if you said that in real life.

I don't usually wish death upon people but apparently one HIV patient getting a lung (Which I don't see how that is a bad thing anyway) tarnishes and institution that keeps innocent children living longer.

I have no respect for you. You are a waste of air.