Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm Coming Out!

Now that I have your attention. I came out at work today. No, not like THAT! I told my boss about the blog. Some of you(all 5 of you that read this blog, not including myself) may remember that I wrote an essay for Karen Quinn's Wife in the fast lane about being a working mom. I told 5 people at work about it-all of them my team members. 2 days later my boss calls me in to his office to say that "someone" showed him the essay and should he be concerned.

Anyhoo, NOW I am going to be writing a weekly article(YES! WEEKLY! Cause I'm insane and don't have enough to do) for! I can't quite believe it, they want me to write for them. They like me, they really like me-shades of Sally Fields at the Oscars, if you're old enough to remember such things. Then, yesterday, one of my coworkers calls to ask me if I have a blog. I sense my anonymity is coming to an end. To after days of anguish...well, one day, I went and had a talk with the boss man. We've had a few talks, I think he twitches when he sees me coming. BUT, now he knows and if he's not thrilled beyond belief at least he's not stopping me after giving me some advice and a few warnings about what might constitute bossial concern on his part.

SO-check out this Monday, May 7th! For my amazing new column on nursing ethics. When I'm old and famous you can say you knew me when.


Check out the latest Change of Shift at Emergiblog.

I was catching up on Grand Rounds, albeit a few weeks late, and found out that Transplant Headquarters linked to my post on DCD. Thanks and thanks for writing such a comprehensive post on Donation after Cardiac Death. Please read the comments, there is a lovely one from a mom whose son was a DCD donor that you shouldn't miss.


PJ Geraghty said...

Hi, Bill! :-)

AzRN said...

congratulations on both coming out and the weekly column. i look forward to reading your column as well.

once a month i volunteer as a community member on the local hospice committee. this month's topic was palliative sedation and the use of propofol and versed as well as pain meds. very interesting topic considering the ANA's position statements on other topics about ending life (eg. active euthanasia and participation in executions). anyway, sorry to hijack your comments, you just make me think.


Mother Jones RN said...

Can't wait to read your column!


may said...

congratulations! busy (in writing at least)is good, right?

Labor Nurse said...

I'm looking forward to reading your column on nursing ethics...I am sure it is going to bring forth some good topics.

I also give you props for "coming out". A mighty scary thing to do. I won't "come out" until I know I don't need my job anymore!