Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Enough about the job, already

I can't wait to read this week's Grand Rounds, over at ImpactEDNurse. We're looking at the best of the best. And no, I didn't submit. Because my life is call, call, endless call. Yes, I'm on call again for 2 days. But I just got OFF 3 days of call. Well, if it was easy we'd all be TC's.


I also can't wait to get home. The baby is in rare form these days. She's adding to her verbal repertoire everyday. So far she can say dog dog, ditty(kitty), duck, cheese and fish. And Dada, of course. She only says Mummum if she's hurt. If she's hungry, she lifts my shirt up. I try and keep her well fed BEFORE we venture into public. But the funniest thing(to me, anyway) is that she went from saying "hello" to saying "HI!" and it's always "HI!" not "Hi". She wakes up in the manana, pops her head up like a gopher and yells, "Hi!" She also is stringing it together with Dada, so she wacks him in the head while he's sleeping and says, "Hi, Dada!"

I'm leaving for a conference in 3 weeks and will be away from this awesome cuteness for 4 whole days. I don't know how I'll stand it. She will be fine, I'm sure, except for missing her nummies, because her daddy and her share a special bond. I only carried her for 9 months you know.

Seriously, after 3 days of call I swear she was bigger and more smarter ("more smarter?" You know what I mean. Listen, I'm tired). She's amazingly intelligent, it's the genes dontcha know. I love her meeces to pieces. There's nothing like coming home after being out for a zillion hours and having her face light up when I walk through the door. Not even the dog loves me this much.

Well maybe I'd love you if you walked me once in a while-T. Dog


PJ Geraghty said...

I have begun training my son to call himself by the middle name so despised by The Blonde. I suspect she will be happy when I go to the conference so she can un-train him. See you there...find me and I'll buy a round or seven.

TC said...

Sounds good...I'll need some strong drink to fortify myself against the mess I'm bound to come home to.