Tuesday, June 19, 2007

7 Things

I've been seeing "7 Things" on everyone's blogs recently, so I figured I'd give it a go. Actually, I thought that after 4 days away and 4 days to recuperate, I'd have a really good post to write, but I've got nuthin'. So here goes.

7 Things you probably don't know about me:

1. I love hot rods. My high school boyfriend had a '71 Chevelle, forest green with 2 fat racing stripes. Hearst shifter, ladder bars, headers, dual exhaust(of course), hood scoop. The whole megilla. We used to spend time at Englishtown-Raceway Park, especially for the swap meets. I didn't date him just for the car. But it didn't hurt his cause. Years later I had a white, 4 door Impala. That thing could cruise. And everybody, I mean everybody, got out of my way. Sweet.

2. I can change my own oil. And tires. And spark plugs. I can damn near do a complete tuneup. Just don't tell my husband.

3. I'm almost always happiest by myself. I think it's because my siblings are so much older, that I was practically an only child. I'm never bored, I can spend an afternoon reading or drawing or going to a movie-by myself. My husband thought I was completely odd for going to movies alone, but really, what's the point of going with someone? Well, except to pick apart the movie afterwards-but you really need the right person for that.

I do sometimes crave company, which leads to #4. I am totally shy. No, really. I'm good at talking to people when I'm in some "authority" position: nurse, preceptor, mom, etc. But small talk, meeting new people-I'm totally at a loss. I'm a little better now that I'm, well, older. But in my teens and 20's-forget it. And the worst part about being shy is that people think you're aloof or stand-offish. Once I had my picture taken for work and I looked so mad. I showed my dad and he said, "you always look like that."

5. I have a water phobia. And a varsity letter in swimming.

6. I am very contrary. See #5.

7. I love to do 8 million things at once. Back when I was single, my bed would be covered in crafts projects, books, writing tablets, my phone, snacks, and a cat or two. It's no coincidence I worked in the ER. Give me an abdominal pain, a renal colic, a shortness of breath and two vomiting children and I'm good to go. Maybe that's why I like being a coordinator. You're either at a standstill or you're doing everything at the same time.

Come back soon and maybe I'll have some real writing done. Or not.

In lieu of quality content, I offer you a cute photo:

Look Mama, while you were away, we made fudgicles!


Bob said...

OK, all of us with kids around that age *know* that this is the first of two pictures. The second is a shot of a nice white sofa, loveseat, what-have-you, after Darling Chocoface decides that food-based face paint isn't so much fun anymore and uses said furniture to remove it. Aaaah, parenthood - gotta love it!

TC said...

well, we do have a white dog...but he's not talking.

BreathinSteven said...

Hey You...

Thanks for your message on our blog -- thanks for being excited to find us, and I'm excited you found us too... It means an aweful lot to me that someone like you is taking a peek our way now and then...

I just had a heart-to-heart with a procurement nurse I know and love... We talked about some of her struggles with what you do, and we always talk about some of her joys. The funny thing was she referred me to your blog -- she said it was one of her favorites. I've actually seen a number of your postings -- I may have even commented on one or more..

I have a number of procurement nurses I absolutely adore -- I'm alive because of folks like you... And it means so much to me to be able to give them a hug and dance in front of them and sing, "look and see what I can do now!!!!"

A little over seven years ago, I received two beautiful lungs from a precious girl from Iowa -- Her name was Kari... I learned of her two years after my transplant and met her family a year after that. I'm so much luckier than so many recipients -- I know a face, and a beautiful smile... And I can see that smile when I close my eyes. My princess helped me create a little tribute to her -- it's at www.ClimbingForKari.org

I hope you're doing freakin' dandy... Thanks for commenting on our blog -- it means a lot to us. And what you do means a lot to me. Kari saved my life when I needed her most -- but people like you helped carry me to her door.



Steve Ferkau
Chicago, IL