Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What happens in Dallas....

I'm back from the Big D. Without my computer. Thursday night I dropped it(don't ask) and now it can't find the operating system. I think I'm f*#ked. And in internet withdrawal. I can't even look up my schedule. It's amazing how much of my life is on that thing. I once told my CEO that I'd work here just for the laptop. Well, I'm taking it into the IT wizard tomorrow. Does anyone know who the patron saint of computer technology is?

Catching up on my reading, Grand Rounds is hosted today by Geena, at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse. Geena is my "Blog Mother". From her I found out about the whole, wide world of blogging. Thanks, Geena. Because of you my house has dust bunnies the size of Great Danes. Come to think of it, I didn't clean before I started blogging, either, but it's nice to blame SOMEONE.

Last Thursday, Change of Shift turned one year old. Awww. Mother Jones does a great job of hosting the birthday bash.

And let us not forget the NJO blog. New posts, everyday of the week!

I have spent the last several days catching up on sleep, detoxifying, and generally getting to know my family again. The baby has been attached at my hip since I returned(and elsewhere. Let's just say she didn't wean during the separation.)

Dallas was a lot of fun. I learned lots, ran into folks I've only emailed or talked to on the phone. I got lots of free swag from the exhibitors. I networked. What I DEFINITELY did not do:

Eat amazing food, drink too much, shop, see where Kennedy was shot,
(with or without actual reenactments)
ride a mechanical bull, eat and drink still more,
make it to the semi-finals of the limbo contest
Anyone with evidence of the above activities can email me for a bribe, er, cash reimbursement.
And don't party with people from finance. That's all I'm saying.


TBTAM said...

Thanks for the Italy trip suggestions. They are exactly the kind of spcific info I need. Hotels, restaurants, anything else you did and loved would be wonderful to hear about. You're the second person to recommend Rick Steve's guidebooks, I'm gonna' head out this weekend and get them.

codeblog said...

Your dustbunnies can join MY dustbunnies! I'm honored to have "mothered" such an interesting blog.


Glad you're back from your trip, but sorry about your computer. My laptop has died in the past and it was pretty brutal to my internet addicted psyche!

Hope it's up and running again soon.

TC said...

I was gonna put in a pic of a woman riding a mechanical bull for the post. But you should see what comes up when you google image "mechanical bull" or even "cowboy" for that matter. Yikes!

PJ Geraghty said...

*sigh* You still have much to learn. ALWAYS party with the people in finance. There are two reasons for this:

1) They cannot disapprove your expenses if they were right there with you

2) You will (almost) always be the coolest person in the group (also true for partying with IT people). There are a very few exceptions to this rule, but you need not worry about them.

Trust me on these. Also, nice to finally meet you.