Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House of Plague

We almost cancelled Halloween at our house this year. Half the family is sick, including La Baby who, if she lived with normal folks, would be in the ER right now. But my children know that unless I'm getting paid $45 dollars an hour, the only thing that warrants a trip to the ER is bleeding from the eyeballs or viscera. Poor Pooter. I'm pretty sure it's not pneumonia, but I've spent the last few days with kids whose parents said, "If only I'd brought them to the ER sooner, maybe they wouldn't have quadruple pneumonia."

I also was hoping that Pooter would be able to wear her first real Halloween costume to daycare today, but she's got a fever. She was going to be a bee. Well, she still can be a bee any day of the week, just not for Halloween. We bought the outfit last week at Claire's in the mall and then she wore it at the mall playground and was the delight and envy of all the other l'il childrens. I do have great footage of her bouncing around with bee wings, if I can figure out how to get it off my phone. Once again, Susan 0, Technology 274.

Love Monkey is also sick. I'm pretty certain he no longer has any internal organs from the diaphragm down but as my attending said this week, "Green, black or red is all the description I need." So Teen and I are set to (wo)man the door as she announced she is officially too old to treat or treat. And the cat is going as a chihuaha.

Yo quiero candy, bitches.

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