Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Starting the new job....someday soon?

Well, I'm not sure when I'm starting the new job. It might be as soon as next Monday, but certainly no later than the end of the month. By hospital policy, I have to give my old job 4 weeks notice from the day I put in for a transfer. My old boss can ask for a couple more weeks saying it's a hardship and they need more time to replace me. Now the new boss and the old boss are "debating" it out with administration to see who needs me more. In my younger days it would have been thrilling to have two guys fight over me (hah, never happened), but this may be more satisfying.

Last Friday I did attent an education day for the transplant department and I got all excited about starting the new job. So excited that I went shopping. Because in this job, I get to wear CLOTHES! (As opposed to scrubs, you know what I mean). With summer coming up, new shoes may be in my future, also. No, seriously, Love Monkey, I got rid of TONS of shoes last year and I have hardly any in my closet. I desperately need some summer sandals.

In tranplant news, this blog is allegedly about transplantation, my friend PJ has a coupla posts on recent organ donation cases. I'll leave it to him to fill you in this week on actual blog content, while I go back to thinking about shoes.

Oh, yeah, I had another blog I wanted to link to: my friend Ramona at Suture for a Living had a post on the first full face transplant in France recently. Last year at the AOPO conference I went to a lecture on face transplant. Full of graphic color photos, I'm just glad it wasn't a "lunch and learn." I used to think that I would draw the line on donating my face, but when you see what type of deformities these people have, well, I'd want to be able to give them a somewhat normal life if I could. Face transplants would be for people who have severe burns or deformites or trauma to the face, things like missing lips and noses. I think I remember hearing about one woman who hadn't seen her own grandchildren in years because they were so afraid of her. Interesting topic, they're looking for the right opportunity to do it here, but as you can imagine, people aren't exactly lining up to donate their face. It's hard enough to get people to donate the non-visible parts of them.

Anyways, I'll let you know when I start the new job.


rlbates said...

TC, shoes are important. Just be sure they are comfortable as well as cute. Good luck with the new job.

PJ Geraghty said...
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PJ Geraghty said...
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PJ Geraghty said...

Shoe shopping...snzzzzzzzzzz


Sorry. Fell asleep for a moment there. Good thing this desk is made of wood-like stopped the fall of my head.

Anyway, I'd gladly donate my face. Problem is, no one will take it. (rimshot)

But for those 99.999998% of you who don't care about the other posts, the direct link to my donation-related posts is

Thanks for the plug!

(PS: if Blogger would let me edit my comments, I wouldn't have to keep deleting them...)