Monday, August 04, 2008

Good news everyone!

Remember I mentioned a while back about the Astellas Rose Bowl contest? Well, my friend Steve is one of the winners. Check out his winning essay at Revive Hope. I'm so proud. I can't wait til the parade, so I can point at the TV and shriek, "I know him! I know him!" and generally have my family look at me like I'm nuts, which may be true.

The dust is still settling at work after our recent inspection. I'm just trying to sit at my desk and schmooze with the patients and do my little job and go home like a good girl, for now. In the words of a trusted advisor, "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" Hard for me, but I try. I am definitely the Queen of TMI. "Oh, did you not want to know that about me? Sorry, K THNX."

Other than that the summr is winding on. We will have no more vacation days til we straighten out the mess-glad I had that week off. K THNX.

I'm in a little funk today, the past week has brought up some old friends I haven't seen in a while and I ponder getting in touch with them. Well, one, anyway-my BFF from when the teenager was a wee girl. Haven't spoken to her in like 15 years at least. Well, we'll see.

Possibly adding to my pensive state is this video. If you haven't heard of Randy Pausch from under your rock, I highly advice you to take and hour and sixteen minutes and watch it. To that end, I started thinking about my childhood dreams......

  1. To be Quincy. You know, the medical examiner? No, I did not want to be a crusty, old guy like Jack Klugman, but I did want to cut open dead bodies and solve crimes with a trusty sidekick, like Sam. I'm still bitter that nurses don't take Gross Anatomy.
  2. I wanted to be an actress. Did well up until high school. Had the lead in Guys & Dolls, Dracula (the female lead, I was Lucy, not Dracula), and Bye, Bye Birdie and I was in West Side Story, too. But I was not really confident enough in college to pursue it, so most of my singing is saved for the Pooter.
  3. To play the violin. I love the violin. But I play the clarinet. Because that's what we had in my house, my brother's used clarinet. My mother kept telling me that when I got good at it, she'd let me take violin lessons. I made it to first chair and still didn't get violin lessons. But it's not too late. And I am trying to learn piano, so I can accompany my singing. See #2.
  4. To write a book.
  5. To run a marathon.
  6. To travel and live in far flung, exotic places.
Some, like the book, I'm still working on. What are your childhood dreams? Have any come true?


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Beautiful Chick!!!

Thanks so much for the mention!!! And actually, beyond pointing at the TV and shrieking "I know him!!!", I was kinda hoping I could depend on you for a favor... I was kinda hoping that, as the float comes into the view of the television cameras, that you could call me on my cell phone and tell me the best place for me to stand to hog the stage!!!

The little "winning story" I wrote was actually the little blurb I was required to write with my "float riders information sheet" -- I wasn't part of the Astellas contest, though I think it was very cool that they did that... Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with the pressure of a contest... And my favorite thing I've ever-ever read about Kari has been your legacy post... (Kari's Mom liked it too...)

As for dreams -- I guess one of mine would be working for an OPO someday and helping more people understand about this whole thing... But seriously -- breathing like I do now is actually beyond my wildest dreams... I didn't have a frame of reference for this -- I didn't know how good, or how easy it could possibly be... That particular dream has done so much more than simply come true...

Miss your face!!!



2ndHeartBeat said...

Hmmmm, childhood dreams .... yes, many of my childhood dreams came true, but not all.

Then .... "Life Come At You FAST" ... and you have a heart transplant ....

Do you dwell on things you didn't accomplish and now look next to impossible? NO

Do you start a "Bucket List" and try to do things from your childhood and adult lists? NO

In my case, I live each day to it's fullest. I live in the here and now.

I'm thankful for EVERY "EXTRA" day that I've been blessed with.

So, have my childhood dreams come true? Yes, becuase I'm still alive.

Karen said...

Hmm... dreams are funny things. Sometimes you think it is a dream to become something, or to have some experience, to meet someone. Sometimes that thing is just as you imagined and more, sometimes it isn't anything like you expected. Sometimes that's a good thing & sometimes not such a good thing. I think the important thing is to HAVE dreams big or small.

Dreams I have had the opportunity to fulfill... driving a truck for a living... great fun but lonely... becoming a computer programmer... great money too much stress... having people willing to buy my photography.... totally awesome when that happens... living on the coast of Maine ( ok I'll admit I wanted it to be Cape Cod but Maine is even better).

Dreams I am still chasing... having my art totally support me... learning to speak French... being able to marry the woman I love legally.

so curiosity question... is the BFF Ms. M??

Love ya!

TC said...

No, it's not Ms. M. Although I should probably call her too. And call you-I still haven't sent you your B-day present!

Hope y'all is well in Maine. You should move to Cape Cod, then you COULD get married! The only question is who'd be your best butch?

As for dreams, I should take a lesson from Steve and 2nd heartbeat and make every day a dream come true. (But I still want to write a book and live in Spain, too)

Anonymous said...

This ended up being longer than a comment. Thanks for the idea!