Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LPS(longer post soon)

Well, we all survived the weekend.

And I have to say, Sixteen-odd years and two kids later, I finally feel like a "real" mom. Mainly because I managed(with ample help from Love Monkey) 8 teenagers and one baby for 2 days and there were no injuries, no fights, nobody got lost and everybody got fed(if burnt weenies and ice cream cake count).

The weekend turned out to be nice. Around 9am the rain stopped and the sun came out, even if it was a little windy. Even the old folks came out-Auntie and my mom and dad. I had the most awesome video on my phone of this parade snaking its way out to beach, led by Auntie, with her walker, going full steam ahead, followed by the Teenager holding a huge Jolly Roger flag and various kids carrying all our crap out to the beach and the grandparents bringing up the rear-my mom with her cane and dad carrying the beach chairs. I was even going to post the vid for your delight and edification. But I didn't press record. Because I am tekniklee challenged! Auugh!

We had a nice fire on the beach. We did some swimming until the park ranger yelled at us. We roasted weenies and marshmellows and generally had a great time, including Pooter, who chased every "duckie" (read:sea gull) she could find. It was so great that I want to do the same for my 40th next year, except maybe not in December, unless it's a beach party in Jamaica-hint, hint.

Monday and Tuesday were 12 hour days for me, which I was looking to with dread as I'm still kinda sick. I feel loads better but I have this bronchitic cough that makes me sound like the illegitimate spawn of Betty Davis and Harvey Fierstein. Just what you want in a nurse taking care of your small children. I sound like I have the consumption, but REALLY-I FEEL SWELL!

Anyway, miracle of miracles, our census was low Tuesday, so they let me go 3 hours early! Huzzah! Then, later that night, the Pooter got sick and was up all night miserable. She still a little fragile today, but several doses of motrin and tylenol and some soup have made her happier. So, longer, more relevant posts to come. I'm going back to sleep.

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