Friday, September 07, 2007

Rutgers sinks the Navy 41-24

If you watched ESPN tonight, you saw that Rutgers Stadium was a sea of red, with one teeny little corner of white midshipman. Sorry Navy, but RU swabbed the deck with you.

Of course, this is the reason, just here to my left (although she's a bit bigger, now). Pooter now has 2 Rutgers shirts, red for home and gray for away games. I promise she'll always be wearing the shirt for games, cause that's what makes them win, you know.
The odd thing about living so close to the stadium and watching it on TV is the slightly surreal moments. I was watching the game and heard a helicopter on TV. Seconds later I heard it above my house, then heard it heading for the hospital. Then, being the nurse I am, I wondered if it'll be anyone I'm taking care of tomorrow. Fortunately, my neighborhood is quiet, so there's no rowdy partying or beeping, but I'm sure College Ave is hopping right now. Hopefully the ER will be quiet too, but it's very possible that tomorrow morning will see a small crowd of patients sleeping off their ETOH. Well, time for me to go to bed.

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