Monday, March 24, 2008

Evidence of The Pooter's exceptional intelligence

Pooter and I woke up this morning to find her big sister still in bed. Apparently there was a delayed opening today. Spring holiday isn't until Passover week, which makes Teenager happy, as the weather will be warmer. Anyway, first thing Pooter did was steal some Peeps from Teen's room and run gleefully down the hall.

I expecter to find her stuffing her mouth full of Peeps and thought, "What the hell, Easter only comes once a year." We like to practice a laid-back style of parenting here at Chez TC. Instead, she had them arranged on the rug like action figures and was playing with them. I knew she was a super genius. Even the l'il Pooter knows that Peeps aren't a REAL food.

So I worked on Easter, which was not too bad. Pooter doesn't know her days of the week yet, so we can do Easter baskets and dye eggs any day of the week, it's all the same to her. And it gives me a reason to avoid my extended family. Plus, working on a holiday guarantees that someone will bring in food, especially if you work with Filipinos. Unfortunately, I didn't get any ponsit or turon (spelling?) but somebody did make some kicking stuffed shells and there were enough cookies to stretch around the unit 3 times.

We had one little kid who was really too well to be in the PICU, so once he was up and bouncing around we made him an Easter basket out of an old gauze box and colored tape and filled it up with the candy we had at the nurses' station. He was a super sweet kid, very smart but a little too respectful, as in every time a family member raised their voice, he flinched. Not surprisingly he had an open DYFS file. That's when I start wishing I'd win the lottery so I could take home every stray kid I can get my hands on and love them to pieces. And another reason to miss the PICU. The law of Hospital Karma says that in the next few weeks I'm bound to have plenty of experiences that will tug at my heart strings and make me regret my decision to leave. That's the same law that guarantees that the last shift before you leave a place will be hellish. Sorry, coworkers, you've been warned.

Sorry the blogging has been so splotchy. I'm hoping that will change with the new job and I'll have more time. I'm only writing today because I have a deadline for my monthly newsletter article that I'm in deep denial about. One more threatening email from the editor and I'll get right on it. But first I gotta eat some more Peeps.

** And if you didn't get enough Peeps yesterday, here's a little Peeps poem from The Original What's for Lunch blog.

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