Monday, July 23, 2007

How was your weekend? Mine sucked.

This was my last weekend of doing triage for the time being. True to form, it was a lousy weekend. We got a million referrals and all of them crappy. Necrotizing pneumonia. An ancient nursing home patient who, it appears, had been brain dead for a week. Strange penile infections. Almost, let me think, 25% of the referrals were already in kidney failure. I ran my poor team ragged, sending them hither and yon around the state. I found myself saying, a lot, "I know it's not a great referral, just go take a look." Oh, and we were down a person Saturday and Sunday.

Friday started out ok. I only sent out one person for a few hours. Friday into Saturday, I get woken up at 0130. I went back to sleep at 0700 for 2 hours. Saturday, I went to bed at Midnight and had, really, the most delicious sleep. For 4 hours. Up all day, back to bed Sunday at Midnight. Woke up at 0400 again, tried to sleep for an hour, no luck. I was up and stayed up until 0930 Monday morning. Blessedly, I gave report at 0700, stayed up for another 2 hours catching up on my charting while the baby watched A LOT of television. BTW, has anyone else noticed that TellyTubbies and Boohbah are really indoctrination films from our alien overlords? No? Well, maybe it was the lack of sleep catching up with me.

Baby and I went back to sleep at 0930 Monday morning and slept til 1430. Nice. I feel human again. Also, it's a dreary day and raining steadily, so perfect for sleeping and snuggling a warm baby. I highly recommend it.

We had a couple situations where it was pretty iffy if the person was medically suitable for donation, for various medical reasons. The hospitals basically weren't doing any more care for the patients due to their grim prognosis and I had to ask coordinators to approach the family. That way, if they said yes, we could push the hospital for more management. Nobody was really comfortable with this. I said to the one coordinator, be up front with them. Don't paint this rosy picture that their going to save 7 lives when we'll be lucky if they can donate a liver. Just tell them it's a possibility and see if they're interested. They weren't. It gets very frustrating. You have to tell yourself, it's not a liver, it's someone's life. It's worth a shot. But you can see why we get called vultures.

Calling all geeks. I am looking to embed a playlist on the blog. Any advice, either on a good playlist to use, a good place to find tunes(it has to be extensive, I like classical as well as top 40) and how the hell do I embed it?

And Tuesday...Grand Rounds is up at Laurie's blog, A Chronic Dose. Check it out. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pull an NJO blog post out of my butt before tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If you can have a sense of humor... you could use "If I only had a brain" from the Wizard of Oz. :)

Just Me said...

You are officially invited to join the "pity party" on my site! It sounds like it was a busy transplant weekend all over the country...I think my hospital did at least three and the transplant fellow I talked to said she was all over the country. Hope your week is better than your weekend (isn't that a bit backwards?). Sorry no can help with the playlist...I still don't know how to "link".

Anonymous said... go there this is pretty decent its got a bunch of different music


TC said...

Thanks, Jaime. I've been there and I keep having problems with pages not loading. I'm thinking of just joining Napster then finding some code to put up my own music and playlist. Project Playlist does have a pretty good selection though.