Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I hate traffic. I got called to help out with a DCD this evening. I typed the name of the hospital into Mapquest, may it rot in hell. Many miles later I realized it had given me the directions to the wrong hospital. Several frantic phonecalls that involved much cursing got me to the right place. Now, I don't know if you realize this, but New Jersians have a favorite past time. Every afternoon, around 4ish, every licensed driver gets behind the wheel of their car, drives to the nearest highway and parks their care for 3-4 hours. Literally, there is never a time when there is no traffic on the highways in New Jersey. Drive the Parkway at 4am on a Sunday morning, there will be traffic. In Montana, you can drive a day and half without seeing another car. Here, you can't drive a minute and a half.

Anyway, Grand Rounds is up at Aetiology. And don't forget to check out the NJO Blog, with some of the best nursing writing on teh internets.


Sharon from NY said...

GOOGLE maps...... try that, next time!! After MAPQUEST got me lost for the umpteenth time someone told me about Google's map service- WHAT an improvement!! You just go to GOOGLE and above the space to type your searhc words in, should be a direct link to the map / directions service. Now I use GOOGLE all the time to look things up.... did I notice that before?? Noooooo! But it's a vastly superior program and ever so much more accurate! Good luck!

TC said...

Great advice. Fortunately, or unfortunately, in a few weeks I'll only have to find my way to New Brunswick.